Projects in Development: 2019

A Film

Despite an Ivy League resume and history of achievement, Mia just can’t seem to make life in the real world work. After an unexpected medical bill plummets her into debt, she decides to commodify her intelligence and talents… by selling her coveted, highly educated, Asian eggs. What she doesn’t realize is this decision is about to turn her world even more upside down in ways she never could have imagined.

A Comedy Series
Created by Josephine Huang and Ricky Dunlop

A group of millennials living the dream in their newly acquired Bushwick loft realize that "#adulting" is BS in a world where no one really wants to grow up. With a revolving door of roommates, lovers, jobs and countless mishaps, the only consistency they have is each other.

A short film
Written and Produced by Vin Kridakorn
Directed by Sam Barber
Co -Producer: Josephine Huang

Dan and Mark are young and in love. The future is golden. But when Dan is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, everything changes. They quickly must face the realization of how precious their memories are, their love for one another, and how fleeting and short life really is.

Created by Josephine Huang and Kira McCarthy

Bromance is a series of short comedic sketches, examining how real bros act... when the girls aren't around.
Sisterhood  flips the coin, revealing the traditional gender roles and expectations that go out the window, when the men are out of the room.

COMMON GROUND - A New Comedy Webseries
Created by and Starring: Josephine Huang and Veronique Ory

Bea and Lia are two very different girls from two very different places -- whose lives come crashing together and flipped upside down after a Craigslist housing scam. The story traces the girls' journeys as they each try to find where they may - or often humorously may not-fit in amidst the whirlwind of opportunity, disappointments, relationships and unexpected twists and turns of being a twenty-something in New York City. 
Blah Blah Land (A La La Land Parody)
Written by: Ricky Dunlop
Directed by: Josephine Huang
Cinematography: Ben Yannette

Here's to fools who dream. 'Blah Blah Land' captures the magic of this year's most polarizing film through a humorous lens. Join Emma, an overweight yet relatable aspiring L.A. actress, and Ryan, an entitled White savior of jazz, as they strive to preserve their love while minute obstacles become insurmountable. Featuring instant classics like "Traffic is Bad" and "Blah Blah Blah Blah," this musical parody will take you on a journey through the city of stars.